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August 1, 2018
Open Letter to All Property Owners and Residents
Screening Wall Repair Along Rufe Snow Drive

To all property owners of the Heatherwood Estates Subdivision -

This letter is to kick off the fund raising campaign to repair the screening wall along Rufe Snow Drive. The City of Keller has notified us that we have 36 months to make repairs to the wall before they will take any action against those that own property on which the wall sits. The HOA has agreed to facilitate a fund collection process to accept donations from the Heatherwood Estates property owners and place those funds in a separate escrow account which houses only funds for the wall repairs. The HOA will then manage and distribute those funds as the wall repairs are completed.

Our commitment is to help our neighbors with the huge financial burden they face. The HOA goal is to collect enough funds over the next two years to pay up to 50% of the cost for repairs. The property owners along the wall will be responsible for the other 50% of the cost.

What we are asking is that every property owner contributes $500* this year for wall repairs. Once we receive enough funds and property owners along the wall are ready, repairs will begin. We have enclosed a pre addressed envelope for those that would like to make a contribution by check. For your convenience, we also accept credit card contributions. Special thanks go out to the many families that have already made a contribution toward this effort.

When you are ready to make a contribution, please contact our treasurer.

Mary Reichenbach
email - mgreichenbach@yahoo.com
phone - 817-683-5891

If you would like to contact me directly please send me an email.
My email address is pjhill1717@gmail.com

Philip Hill
President, Heatherwood Estates Homeowners Association

* You are welcome to make your payments in installments.